What is a Development Services Strategic Plan?

League City's Development Services works hard to meet the requests of residents, while also fulfilling the requirements of City Government. This is not a simple task!

To help find ways to improve the process, League City's Assistant City Manager, Rick Davis, and it's Development Process Manager, Ron Menguita, have formed a Strategic Planning Committee made up of 9 people ranging from Contractors, Builders, City Council, City Staff, and Planning and Zoning.

The Mission:

The Mission of the Development Services Strategic Planning Committee is to build trust with and among staff and customers through active listening and genuine engagement and by empowering Staff with clear, consistent, accountable, and visible strategies that the Committee believes will lead to greater success of our development activities, projects, and processes.

Elevating Trust in the Process

The Facilitators

Strategic Planning Committee Development Services
Rick Davis Assistant City Mananger

Rick Davis

City of League City ~ Assistant City Manager
Ron Menguita Development Process Manager

Ron Menguita

City of League City ~ Development Process Manager

If you could be King or Queen for a day...what would you change about our development and/or permitting process?

Loading Conversation

We listened and surveys are now CLOSED.

Thank you to all who participated in our surveys. Please follow this Project Page for results as we move into the next phase and compile the strategic initiatives and directives.