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17 October, 2023

JHart says:

Monitor speed limit on 518main, historical, so we could pull out. Also not get blasted by at 50+ mph and get honked at for going posted 30mp

16 September, 2023

Maria D Schoen says:

Install more traffic circles instead of traffic lights. I have to wait many times on the light at SH96 & Fennigan when there are no cars.

16 September, 2023

DaveS says:

League City needs more roundabouts and fewer traffic lights. League City Parkway has become League City Stopway. Roundabouts are safer.

10 September, 2023

mikensoniab says:

my issues are overspending on certain projects

9 September, 2023

Juany1858 says:

Would like to see improvement in the neighborhood behind City Hall@ intersection of Interurban and Galveston St it get trash dumpd offten

6 September, 2023

AmberPedigo says:

When is the next HOA Alliance Meeting and where do I sign up?