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Newport Park

We want to hear from you!

A public meeting was conducted by League City Parks Department and Kimley-Horn on May 7th, 2024 to gather feedback from League City residents on improvement upgrades for Newport Park. In an effort to gather as much citizen feedback as possible, we would like you to take the survey below and leave any additional comments.

The presentation and the features we are asking you to rate are below in link form as well as in a photo slide show. NOTE* Many residents were interested in playground equipment for kids under the age of 5 and an addition of soccer goals.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW Newport Park Public Meeting PDF

The City continues to reinvest into its existing parks as outlined in the 2017 Parks, Trails, and Open Space Master Plan and the city’s strategic plan for quality amenities. Funding of $795,000 has been allocated utilizing park dedication funds for upcoming design, upgrades, and added amenities.

Future amenities to be discussed include:

  • a trail system within the park
  • shade structure
  • new playground features
  • a volleyball court or pickleball courts.

What are your general thoughts on the proposed amenities for Newport Park?

Please leave a comment on what YOUR priorities are for the upgrades in Newport Park. (max 140 characters).

16 May, 2024

joy.cunningham921 says:

Mommy/Daddy and me swings for babies. Or a baby safe supportive under 2 year old swings. The only park that has one is the meadow bend park

14 May, 2024

Kelleyk says:

Permanent covered pickleball courts!

14 May, 2024

Oagonzalez says:

Is a pool possible? The covered Pavillion and pickleball courts would be a fun way for kids to keep out of trouble, but in shape!

14 May, 2024

Hos001 says:

I would like to see 6 pickleball courts with permanent nets installed. This would need LED lighting for night play. Thanks

14 May, 2024

Chantelgreen says:

Add pickleball courts and bike trails

13 May, 2024

Tristanladd says:


13 May, 2024

Arclepper says:

Pool and pavilion

12 May, 2024

MikeAL says:


9 May, 2024

kittle.sarah says:

We’d love a neighborhood pool!!!

9 May, 2024

Aimeersanchez says:

Soccer goals (with leveled turf) would be great. A shaded structure of some kind. A fenced area for dogs to play off-leash.

9 May, 2024

Nkennedy says:

A nine hole disc golf course would fit perfectly in the open field and maybe upgrade the baseball field

9 May, 2024

ssturman says:

A full perimeter walking trail with a few benches. A Pavillion. A bathroom Fruit trees Small child playground equipment (1-5yrs)

Newport Park Amenities Selection

Please select a trail option, playground equipment, sports option and pavilion that you would like to see added to Newport Park.
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